Integrated vs Specialist: have agency models changed in 2013?

Over the last 12 months, we’ve started to see some significant shifts in the agency model and client-agency relationship. Having been involved in working with and running a number of agencies since 2003, I thought I’d share the direction I see things heading. In some way this is a series of mini-posts, so you might want Read more

Matrix Designs' Integrated Digital Marketing

Matrix Designs – What We do?

In order to appreciate and understand what we do here at Matrix Designs, read an adopted posted by Fiona Severson on Integrated Digital Marketing for better understanding.

Let Matrix Designs Evolve Your Brand

Welcome to Matrix Designs!

Welcome to Matrix Designs. We believe that “Brands do not evolve by themselves; they are developed by people and it is the people who ensure the Evolution of a brand!” Hence, our tagline: Matrix Designs – The People behind the EVOLUTION your brand! Check us out on our website or follow us on our social media networks: Facebook Read more